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Interiordesignwala.com is the one place where your all aspirations of interior designing are met potently. Here we are ensuring to tie all the aspects of interior designing, project management, technology and creativity all together to give our client’s an effective interior design practice. We are an interior designer and believe in eminence, excellence, perfection and integrity in outlining mesmerizing home interior.

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Choosing Interiordesignwala.com, you’re choosing experience. We have highly focused, reliable, creative and of course experienced interior designers with us, we are creating our excellence through our encounters with various kinds of clients, coping up with new trends and technology. So experienced and updated we are both.

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Interior designing can be very expensive if we do not follow a proper budget, therefore we make a proper budget of the interior to be done according to your preference and stick to that. We make cost-effective designs and take care of material used in terms of cost, quality and availability.

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We totally understand fears and queries when you are opting for designer, so first you can get a free consultation here to clarify all your queries and doubts. We will brief you whole procedure our team follow to create lively interiors for our clients.

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When we take care of your budget then how can we be unreasonable in our cost. We offers its designing and all other services at very affordable and substantial price so that anyone can get benefited by its services.

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3BHK Designs at ATS Happy Trails; Discover the Magic of Our Thoughtfully Crafted Living Spaces

Welcome to a realm where enchantment meets architectural prowess – the captivating 3BHK designs at ATS Happy Trails. With a blend of innovation, creativity, and a deep understanding of modern living, these spaces have been meticulously crafted to weave magic into your everyday life.

The Essence of Thoughtful Design

It's more than just aesthetics – it's the harmony of functionality and visual appeal that defines ATS Happy Trails' 3BHK designs. Every corner, every angle has been carefully considered to ensure a seamless flow and an ambiance that resonates with your lifestyle.

Innovative Layouts for Modern Living

At the heart of these designs lies a commitment to modern living. The innovative layouts of ATS Happy Trails' 3BHK units optimize space, embracing open concepts that encourage interaction and smart flow that ensures convenience.

A Symphony of Colors and Textures

Step into an enchanting palette of colors that evoke emotion and set the tone for each space. ATS Happy Trails' 3BHK designs understand the power of textures, using them to add depth and character to walls, floors, and furnishings.

Illuminating Ambiances: The Power of Lighting

Lighting isn't just functional – it's an art that creates ambiance. ATS Happy Trails' 3BHK designs masterfully play with natural and artificial lighting to set the mood, enhancing the magical atmosphere.



Personal Haven: Bedrooms and Beyond

The bedrooms are your retreat, designed to cocoon you in tranquillity. ATS  Happy Trails  ' 3BHK units go beyond mere functionality, offering cozy nooks and personalized touches for your relaxation.

Functional Kitchens: Blend of Style and Utility

Kitchens at ATS Happy Trails are more than culinary spaces – they are hubs of creativity. Blending style and utility, they are designed for efficiency without compromising on elegance.

Elegant Bathrooms: Sanctuaries of Luxury

Step into luxurious bathrooms that redefine pampering. ATS  Happy Trails pays attention to even the smallest details, creating sanctuaries of relaxation and indulgence.

 Step into Enchanting 3BHK Designs at ATS Happy Trails

In the realm of architectural marvels, ATS  Happy Trails stands as an embodiment of exquisite design philosophy. As you step into the enchanting world of their 3BHK designs, you're greeted by a symphony of aesthetics and functionality that redefine modern living. This article takes you on a captivating journey through the magic woven into each corner of ATS  Happy Trails  ' thoughtfully crafted living spaces.

Merging Aesthetics and Functionality: The Heart of ATS Happy Trails' 3BHK Designs

The allure of ATS  Happy Trails  ' 3BHK designs lies in their meticulous blending of aesthetics and functionality. Every nook and cranny is an orchestrated masterpiece, where form seamlessly meets purpose. From the grandeur of the living area to the cozy intimacy of the bedrooms, the designs resonate with the modern dweller's aspirations.

Innovative Space Optimization: Where Creativity Meets Utility

The magic of ATS  Happy Trails  ' 3BHK designs begins with their innovative approach to space utilization. Walls are more than partitions; they are canvases that optimize spatial dimensions. Open-concept layouts create a harmonious flow, allowing seamless movement and fluidity between spaces. It's a dance between architectural creativity and the practical demands of contemporary living.

Furniture Elegance: The Fusion of Form and Comfort

Furniture isn't mere decor; it's an integral part of the design narrative. ATS  Happy Trails  ' 3BHK designs embrace the philosophy of elegance in comfort. Every piece is curated with precision, marrying aesthetics and functionality. From statement sofas to ergonomic dining sets, each furniture item narrates a story of both style and practicality.

Lighting: Illuminating Ambiances

Lighting isn't a mere fixture; it's the brushstroke that paints the ambiance. ATS  Happy Trails  ' designs recognize this, leveraging lighting to create enchanting spaces. Natural light floods in through strategically positioned windows, enhancing the sense of openness. In the evening, carefully chosen fixtures cast a soft glow, transforming rooms into cozy retreats.


Personalized Bedrooms: Sanctuaries of Comfort

Bedrooms transcend functionality in ATS  Happy Trails  ' designs; they become personal havens of comfort. Each bedroom is a narrative of individuality, designed to cocoon residents in a soothing ambiance. Soft textures, ambient lighting, and personalized decor create a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Conclusion: Where Enchantment Resides

In the heart of ATS Happy Trails' 3BHK designs, enchantment resides as an essence. From open layouts to personalized bedrooms, from luxurious bathrooms to shared community spaces, every facet comes together to create an experience that transcends the ordinary. It's not just about design; it's about embracing a lifestyle that resonates with the magic of thoughtfully crafted spaces. So, step into the enchantment, and let ATS Happy Trails redefine the way you experience living.

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  • By Muskan Ansari
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Indian Celebrity Homes and Interior Styles

Showcase the Interior Design Choices of Famous Indian Celebrities 

Indian celebrities are known for their lavish lifestyles, and their homes are no exception. From lavish mansions to comfortable apartments, Indian celebrities have an extensive variety of interior design styles to look over.

Here are a few examples of Indian celebrity homes and their interior styles:

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan's Mannat: This notorious mansion in Mumbai is known for its extravagance and style. The home has a swimming pool, a movie theater, and a spa, as well as interior decorations that incorporate both contemporary and traditional Indian styles.

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja's Notting Hill home: This snappy apartment in London is an impression of Sonam Kapoor Ahuja's own style. The insides are varied and marvelous, with a blend of rare and contemporary pieces. The home likewise includes various craftsmanship pieces by Indian specialists.

Amitabh Bachchan's Jalsa: This rambling bungalow in Mumbai is an exemplary illustration of conventional Indian design. The insides are designed with weighty furnishings and elaborate mats, and the home highlights various conventional Indian components, for example, a puja room and a water fountain.

Alia Bhatt's Mumbai Apartment: This cutting-edge apartment is an impression of Alia Bhatt's young and sharp character. The insides are designed with a blend of moderate and maximalist components, and the home elements have various idiosyncratic and fun pieces, for example, a neon sign and a disco ball.

Deepika Padukone's Goa Villa: This beachfront villa is the ideal spot for Deepika Padukone to unwind and relax. The interior is enhanced in a blustery and seaside style, with loads of white furnishings and regular materials. The home likewise includes various open-air spaces, for example, a pool and a sun terrace.

These are just a few examples of the many beautiful and stylish homes of Indian celebrities. Whether you favor traditional  Indian design or current moderation, there makes certain to be an Indian celebrity home that inspires you.

Besides the interior design preferences of these famous personalities, it's captivating to observe the personal elements they've incorporated into their residences. Take Shah Rukh Khan, for instance, who proudly showcases his assortment of classic cars in his garage. Similarly, Amitabh Bachchan has enriched his home with a library filled to the brim with books centered around Indian history and culture. These personal touches make the homes of Indian celebrities even more special and unique.

If you are searching for interior design inspiration, make certain to look at the homes of Indian famous celebrities. With a wide array of styles at your disposal, you'll have ample opportunities to generate fresh and innovative concepts.

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  • By Muskan Ansari
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Innovative Storage Solutions: Organizing Your Home with Style

Cluttered spaces and disorganized belongings can turn even the coziest home into a chaotic mess. Finding a place for everything and keeping everything in its place is an age-old challenge. Fortunately, innovative storage solutions have emerged to tackle this problem head-on, offering stylish and creative ways to keep your home organized without sacrificing aesthetics. Let's explore some of these brilliant storage ideas that will not only transform your living spaces but also add a touch of style to your home.

1. Multifunctional Furniture:

Gone are the days when furniture had only one purpose. Nowadays, there is an array of multifunctional furniture pieces designed to maximize storage space while remaining visually appealing. From ottomans with hidden compartments to beds with built-in drawers, these pieces blend seamlessly into your home's decor while providing much-needed storage solutions.

2. Floating Shelves:

Floating shelves are a fantastic way to utilize wall space effectively. They not only offer a platform to display your favorite decor items but also serve as a practical storage option for books, small plants, or even kitchen essentials. Available in various styles and materials, floating shelves can add a modern and chic look to any room.

3. Vintage Trunks and Suitcases:

Add a touch of nostalgia and sophistication to your home by repurposing vintage trunks and suitcases as storage solutions. These timeless pieces can be used as coffee tables, nightstands, or hallway benches, providing ample space to store blankets, seasonal clothing, or any other items you want to keep out of sight.

4. Pegboards:  

Pegboards are a versatile and customizable storage solution that can be adapted to fit any room's needs. Whether in the kitchen, office, or garage, pegboards allow you to hang and arrange items neatly. With the addition of hooks, shelves, and baskets, you can create an organized and visually pleasing display that complements your home decor.

5. Wall-Mounted Racks and Rails:

Wall-mounted racks and rails are excellent space-saving options for hanging items like coats, hats, bags, or even kitchen utensils. Opt for stylish and sleek designs to add an element of elegance to your organization. From minimalist metal racks to vintage-inspired wooden rails, there's a wide range of choices to suit your taste.

6. Under-Stair Storage:

Often overlooked, the space under the stairs offers a great opportunity for storage. By converting this area into cabinets, drawers, or shelves, you can declutter your home and make the most of every inch of space. Customize the design to match your home's interior, and you'll have a practical and visually appealing storage solution.

7. Cubby Shelving Units:

Cubby shelving units are perfect for keeping smaller items organized. You can use them in the entryway to store shoes and bags, in the living room for toys and remote controls, or even in the bedroom as a unique alternative to traditional bedside tables. With various sizes and configurations available, cubby shelving units provide both function and style.

8. Drawer Dividers and Organizers:

Don't underestimate the power of well-organized drawers. Drawer dividers and organizers can turn a chaotic mess into a tidy and easily accessible storage space. They are particularly useful in the kitchen, where they can keep utensils and cutlery in order, or in the bedroom, helping you separate and find clothing items effortlessly.

9. Rolling Carts:

Rolling carts are incredibly versatile storage solutions that can be moved around the house as needed. They come in handy in the kitchen for storing cooking essentials, in the bathroom for organizing toiletries, or even in the home office as a mobile station for supplies. Look for carts with a design that complements your decor, and you'll have both functionality and style on wheels.

10. Transparent Storage Containers:  

When it comes to storing items in closets or under beds, transparent containers are a game-changer. Being able to see the contents without opening each box makes finding what you need a breeze. Additionally, opt for stackable containers to save space and keep your belongings well-organized.


Embracing innovative storage solutions is not just about keeping your home tidy; it's also an opportunity to infuse your living spaces with style and creativity. By incorporating multifunctional furniture, wall-mounted racks, vintage trunks, and other stylish storage options, you can transform your home into a clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing sanctuary. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to organize your home with style! Contact Us Now For More Information.

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