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Plywood has become a popular choice for multiple homeowners now. Some of the most prestigious reasons why numerous people now prefer to use plywood interior in place of real wood but why?

Many of us are not identify the difference between these two so here are some befit of plywood and the reasons why we prefer plywood.

Increased stability: Plywood offers all the essential advantages of the parent wood plus enhanced properties in its laminated structure.

  1. High impact resistance.
  2. Surface dimensional stability.
  3. High strength to weight ratio.
  4. Chemical resistance
  5. Affordable estimating
  6. Similar look to that of real wood
  7. Ideal for material, flooring, and different furniture choice

So, what is actually a plywood interior that has been of such a lot of interest? plywood wood is essentially designed wood that is developed by sticking a few facade sheets together. This offers a sheet that is thick areas of strength for and adaptable to make a few furniture things as well as to involve them for various purposes like flooring or even roofing in any event, material. Anyway, out and out why has plywood wood become so well known and popular? There are a few potential purposes behind that.

If you are making use of high-quality plywood, they don't shrink or warp because of the environmental strain of climatic changes. Additionally, there are various sorts of plywood accessible today like moisture-safe and water-safe plywood options choices.

With high strength and stiffness-to-weight proportions, plywood is truly cost-effective to use in structural operations similar to flooring, shearwalls, formwork, and webbed shafts in homes.

Plywood is environmentally friendly compared to other structural materials.

structure materials like cement, steel, iron, and aluminum are manufactured after extracting metals and minerals through the procedure of mining. As we know, the energy expenditure in extracting such minerals is extremely high and has a large ecological footmark. Wood( the primary source for plywood) requires only sun, soil, and water to grow and the energy needed to convert wood to plywood is a stingy bit compared to the other choices.

Different types of Plywood are present in the market:

Water-Resistant BWP Plywood

BWP compressed wood represents Boiling Water Proof pressed wood, otherwise called marine-grade pressed wood is dealt with extraordinarily to cause it to endure any high-dampness conditions. In simple words is suitable for areas lying in high moisture, like bathrooms and kitchens. It's also called Boiling Water Resistant( BWR) ply.

Water Resistance BWP Plywood

Decorative Plywood

Fancy plywood, likewise called decorative plywood, is typically veneered with gorgeous hardwood veneers it is veneered on the face with a thin sub-caste of natural wood. The face has the rates of natural wood, with natural grains. It can be filed and polished like real wood.

Decorative Plywood

Commercial Plywood

Commercial plywood isn't resistant to moistness or humidity exposure. It can be used for cabinetwork, closets, or wardrobes in dry areas like bedrooms or living apartments. It has better resistance as compared to MDF. MDF fluently swells up and gets damaged when exposed to indeed a little bit of moisture

Commercial Plywood | Commercial Ply Board

Fire Retardant Plywood

Fire retardant plywood has low flammability, low flame penetration, and a low burning rate. Although not fireproof, it can withstand a fire long enough, allowing people to safely void the premises and It has been surrendered an A rating for fire resistance. That implies it's awesome.

Fire Retardant Plywood

Marine Plywood

The most superior quality of ply available, marine ply is leakproof. It can be used in surface operations as it doesn't get damaged indeed when immersed in water. The ply is also known as Boiling Leakproof( BWP) ply.

Marine Plywood

Now that you're equipped with all the information you need on the features and types of plywood and the use of plywood now you can make the decision to choose the right material for your home.


We all want to have the best interiors for our dream home, but sometimes the budget stops our dream from coming true. What if I tell you there is an absolute solution of this Budget problem to have the most aesthetic and breathe taking interior for your home? InteriorDesignWala have done various low budget interiors for small homes and we are going to share some amazing tips to make your small flat look stunning within your budget.

Low budget house interiors #tip 1

A Wall Mounted TV Unit:

Instead of going for a lot bigger floor mounted TV cabinet with lots of storage, go for a wall mounted simple TV Unit with drawers beneath. It won’t occupy much part of the wall. It will provide enough storage to store the set up box, DVD player, CDs, Remote and other accessories. Place some cove lights or lighting boards behind the TV it will instantly give a lavish and sophisticated look to your otherwise small living room. This is much cost effective and won’t hinder much of the living space.

Wall Mounted Tv Unit Design

Low budget flat interiors #tip 2;

Don’t leave your wall plain:

Leaving the walls plain can be boring and can make your room look lifeless. You can add an artistic open shelf to the wall to showcase some of your awards, show pieces, and sculptures. Open shelves is one of the most inexpensive way to styles your walls, or even adding a simple minimalist ledge having a beautiful painting above it will also work.

Modern Living Room With Open Shelf Design

Low budget small home interiors #tips 3;

Get yourself some green plants:

We often neglect the fact that nature is itself an amazing designer. A pinch of some greenery can provide the best look to your blank space.  You can add some potted indoor plants into your home accessories. You can put these indoor plants such as fiddle leaf figs and cacti as they don’t require much care and can instantly mix with your interiors. For someone who is looking for budget interiors plants can be very helpful.

Floating Staircase Interior Design

Low budget small apartment Interiors #tip 4;

A full height partition:

When it comes to small homes, fulfilling the storage need can be painful. It is wise to give a full height open shelf partition between living & dining area, or kitchen & dining area. It can be used for storage and showcasing decorative. Open shelf itself an art of décor, it always gives volume to your space and make it look better not empty.

Designer Open Shelf Living Room Interior Design

Budget Interior of Small Flats #tips 5

Create Mirror Illusion:

Mirror art is in trend right now. A mirror is something that creates an illusion of making small spaces look bigger it can be the best way to style your small home on a budget.  Add some decorative mirrors on one wall and let your guest be lost in illusion. Choose some stylish frames for the mirrors to complement the grace with the drama.
Mirrored Wall Decor

This blog to tell you a description of modular and normal, or we can say carpenter kitchens, and their advantages or disadvantages. You will get aware of the professional concepts of kitchens. In this blog, we are hoping that you'll choose the right one. The kitchen is easy to use, has much less maintenance, modern look, a clean preference, is on budget, etc. Still having a tough time finding out between the two. Then interiordesignwala.com will help you to search for an expert interior designer and make a smart preference for you.

                                                                     Carpenter Kitchen

A Quick Comparison Between Normal & Modular Kitchens

Modular Kitchen                                                                                                     Normal Kitchen

  • ·      Can be shifted                                                                                            Cannot be shifted
  • ·      Installation is brief and smooth                                                                   Installation is hard and time-consuming
  • ·      More systematic and organized                                                                 Not as top as modular ones
  • ·      Comparatively high-priced                                                                         Comparatively cheap
  • ·      Has capabilities to fit-in kitchen home equipment                                      Has no such capabilities
  • ·      Provides excessive functionality and top ease of use                               Not as useful as modular ones
  • ·      Offers a sleek and modern appearance                                                    Not as top as modular ones
  • ·      Design flexibility is excessive                                                                    Design flexibility is low
  • ·      Cleaning and protection are straightforward                                             Not as smooth as modular ones
  • ·      Offers enough customization possibilities                                                 It is difficult to customize
                                                                  Modern Indian Kitchen Interior Design


Modular Kitchen

A modular kitchen refers to trendy kitchen furnishings that has been built-in modules or units. These include shelves with decided-on factors of general sizes. It is often a combination of wall and base units. It is designed to maximize application and permit efficient area management, specifically for smaller spaces. Each unit is made from various materials and add-ons to arrange the material in the cluttered freeway.

Advantages of a Modular kitchen:

  • You get the best finishes with neat edges and correct dimensions.
  • The estimated value will not change.
  • You get the best functionality of any size of the shelves matched to your kitchen design and you get accessories related to the interior available in the market.
  • Quality and durability are constantly high.
  • It is effortlessly maintained and manufacturing work is done very quickly.
  • Assembly at the site takes only a week at most. No carpentry can be finished on the site, however best fittings.
  • The shelves can be dismantled and re-used elsewhere.   

Disadvantages of Modular Kitchen:

  • ·     Unless you pick out a long-time interior provider, there's no guarantee of the quality of material used because the inside material for packing containers will not be seen finished.
  • ·     If the layout options are limited, your kitchen will not be particular and could appear like any other kitchen constructed using the same layout.
  • ·     There will be pockets of the area which are left out because the cabinet modules are available in prefixed sizes.
  • ·     Costs are normally a lot higher than for a carpenter-made kitchen.

                                                                       Vastu Indian Kitchen Interior

What are the benefits of a Modular Kitchen?

Kitchen Hygiene: Modular kitchens include wood blocks that are designed to maintain your kitchen clutter-free and clean.

Space Management: Every corner of your kitchen is nicely applied, and every modular unit is designed for convenience. These units may be shifted or rearranged in order that everything in the hob, the sink, or your workplace needs to be reachable. Use each corner of your kitchen with the help of area-saving kitchen accessories which include racks, baskets, holders, bins, and trays. Your layout should be compact and sufficient to preserve all kitchen devices.

Cost-Effective: As in comparison to the conventional kitchen or modular kitchen are cheaper, as it is a manufacturing facility completed furnishings and kitchen units are produced in bulk with minimal wastage and in an extra efficient way.

Easy Repair: The modular kitchen unit is easy to restore and update as every unit can be detached and removed from a modular kitchen shelf.

Customized: Unlike conventional kitchen units or modular kitchens, units may be custom designed primarily based totally on your need. You can pick out the modular unit of your preference and an extensive quantity of kitchen accessories of your choice that's like handles, knobs, storage units, spice racks, and lots more.

                                                                    Kitchen Design
Normal kitchen

A carpenter-made kitchen is designed by the local carpenter hand. They followed their age-old traditional techniques of woodworking. These carpenters cut, wood plane, complete the boxes by hand, and works on the site itself.

Advantages of Normal Kitchen:

  • ·         You can get woodwork with a custom design of your choice, and you'll no longer pick out of a catalog.
  • ·         Your kitchen can be unique, with shelves and storage created in step with your precise specifications.
  • ·         You can be capable to get custom-created heights and widths to match your home equipment or utensils.
  • ·         You can hold manage over the excellent of material in case you are dealing with the purchases yourself.
  • ·         The price can be much less than that of a modular kitchen if you could get carpenters who're affordable with their rates.
  • ·         Customization and changes can be easily accommodated in a carpenter-made kitchen.
  • ·         You can get traditional woodworking designs with paneling, moldings, and cornices.

Disadvantages of Normal Kitchen:

  • ·          Timelines might not be maintained, as carpenters can also additionally leaves out of the range.
  • ·          Costs can pass haywire, as carpenters will not inform you of the exact material charges at the start. There may be hidden charges which aren't factored in initially.
  • ·          The quality depends on the talents of the carpenters.
  • ·          Finishes will not be best because the work is executed by hand.
  • ·          Some system strategies like edge-banding, membrane-completed shutters, and so on will not be possible.
  • ·          The shelves cannot be reassembled everywhere else as they're created for a specific area only.
  • ·          If the carpenters are staying at your site, you could face troubles at the end of the day while they're not supervised.
  • ·          If the construction is already occupied, your neighbors may also complain about the noise and dust.
  • ·          Power connections and water delivery for work on the site could prove to be a hassle.
  •  You need to be concerned at each level of the execution as well, proper from obtaining permissions for site work to application connections, ironing out troubles with employees and neighbors, breakages on the site, cleansing up after the work is finished, and much more. The listing of duties that you may be faced with can appear endless.

                                                                         Online Indian Kitchen Interior

When we compare the quality, finishes, and form of modular vs. normal kitchens, you possibly can correctly expect that the previous is much superior to the latter in terms of quality, finishes, and variety. However, in case you are inclined to deal with fluctuating prices and the trouble of managing carpenters, normal kitchens are the clean option. Make an informed choice after operating with a builder and carpenter to advantage of a higher understanding of the situation. As a result, modular kitchens are extra efficient in terms of construction, permitting optimum room utilization and clean installation. It is good for modern homes, mainly small apartments.   


People often neglect all the flooring options available in the market and just go for Marble or Tile Flooring, but why, because people are unaware of the fact that there are lots of flooring options available some are well known and others are not. Flooring is an important part of the house, it contrasts all four walls and the ceiling therefore it is important to select the best for your house interiors

Different types of flooring have different advantages and disadvantages of their own in terms of, appearance, quality, budget, and durability. In general, households use, wooden flooring in some areas such as Master Bedroom, Granite in driveways and pathways, commonly used tiles in bathrooms, and Marble for a lavish look in the living area or the main connecting room where most of the gatherings happen.

Flooring Type 1: Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tile flooring

Vitrified tiles are one of the most common and durable options for flooring. It is also most commonly used because of its texture, lesser rate of water absorption, aesthetic look, and longevity. Vitrified tiles are available in different finishes such as matt, gloss, and anti-slip finishes.  In general, they are affordable and can cost you approximately Rs 120-150/sqft with installation. Installation costs can vary as per the location and other factors.

Flooring Type 2: Granite

Granite tiles flooring

Granite Stone; is very famous in India and commonly used in driveways, or pathways because of its texture. Granite is kind of a natural stone and comes in various colors and patterns. It is highly durable and stain resistant. Granite gives a sophisticated look to your floor and can enhance the beauty of the whole area. It is easy to use and maintain and only requires protection from nailed objects. It is the best flooring type in India and is affordable in Cost. Granite installation including the labor can cost you approximately Rs 150 to 200 Rs per sqft and granite will itself cost you approx. 200rs to 1500 rs per sqft.

Flooring Type 3: Marble

Marble Flooring Idea

Marble is used as flooring in various parts of India very frequently to give the flooring a more lavish feel. They can be maintained easily and are available in light colors. They are highly porous and can turn yellow over time if used with low-quality stone. They are expensive in cost and give a luxurious feel to the house.

Flooring Type 4: Wooden Flooring

Wooden Flooring Design

In wooden flooring, people use wooden planks and strips and then set them on the floor. They are high maintenance but popular because of their substantial nature. They are available in the market in all-natural wooden shades and can enhance the beauty of any kind of interior theme. They are popular nowadays but comparatively more expensive than other flooring. They are not easily destructible but can create unusual noise when cracked or torn.

Flooring Type 5: Laminate

Laminate Flooring Design


Laminate flooring is gaining rapid popularity across the globe. Laminates are available in various patterns, textures, and colors therefore they are preferred over other flooring. Comparatively affordable laminates provide long-lasting durability as well, but once damaged it is of no use. It has to be entirely replaced in case damaged as it can’t be fixed or polished again. Laminates also safeguard the floor from stains because of their epic stain resistance capability.  While purchasing laminate does take care of the texture, better to ask for an anti-slip finish type.


Kitchen is an important part of our home, it is the place where food is prepared and served by the inmates for their loved ones. So it is our duty to make it comfort and easy to use for the person who is going to spend their time in there. There are various aspects of interior designing important to keep in mind.

Modern Kitchen Interior Design

To start with, a major important segment in the kitchen interior designing process is Kitchen layout, color combination, furniture placement, and perfect lighting. Kitchen interior includes various types of storage options, color theme selection, platform layout, lighting options, and the false ceiling with electrical details.

Kitchen Layout

What does kitchen layout mean?

The kitchen layout is the shape to design your kitchen with the arrangement of the major appliances, countertop, and Storage spaces.

In kitchen layout, there are six basic types of kitchen layouts: G-shaped, L-shaped, straight, parallel, U-shaped, and island kitchen. It creates the space between the refrigerator, sink, and stove. While designing a kitchen and choosing the cabinetry are the first thing that we consider as the layout. Choose a kitchen layout based on your everyday requirements lifestyle and taste.

Types of kitchen layouts

Types of Kitchen Layouts

We know that a kitchen layout is how important for designing a kitchen, there are lots of shaped has been used in the kitchen:

L-Shaped Kitchen

An L-shaped kitchen layout is one of the most useful kitchen layouts for modern homes. It offers a smooth and efficient workspace. This layout has the appliances and cabinetry placed along right-angled walls with free space in the center, so we can move around while cooking.

L-Shaped Kitchen Design

U-Shaped Kitchen

A U-shaped kitchen layout is also an excellent choice for large kitchens and designs with the features of side three walls that are lined the cabinets and appliances. If you live with a joint family where multiple cooks prepare meals at the same time this kitchen layout will be a great option. The kitchen cabinetry in a layout typically comprises wall-mounted cabinets fixed along all three sides with a base and other additional units if it is required more storage.

U-Shaped kitchen Design

A Parallel Kitchen

A parallel kitchen is ideal for small-sized homes or families or has limited space for a single person using the kitchen. It divided the working space, splitting into dry and wet separate areas. And it is designed with base and wall cabinets on either side of the kitchen. This is a simple layout that compromises every space for every corner cabinet.

A-Parallel Kitchen Design 

The design of the parallel kitchen with various cabinets for utility, accessories, or storage. All the parts of a Parallel modular kitchen are made of fine-quality wood, granite, marble, or tile which adds beauty to the look of the kitchen. If there is only one person in the kitchen are great options for them. Now, a day it becomes a most likely trend among people for styles and fine finishes.


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