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Before heading towards all home interior design ideas we have in the market, one should know what significance our Home Interiors play in our life. Interiors give the very first impact on our way of living. The soothing colors warm lighting, comfortable furniture, and attractive appearance make us feel better when we reach home. Interiors are the way to make your lifestyle easygoing and comfortable. Interior Designers, portray our tastes, lifestyle, and beliefs in our home interiors. In Short, Home Interior reflects our personality and hence you should choose wisely which styles suit your personality best.

                               Drawing Room Interior Design

Interior is the term used to define the internal decoration and look & feel of any house. Home Interior is basically means utilizing the space in the most creative manner. Furniture placement, wall wood works, false ceiling design, flooring designs, internal wall treatments, and their decoration (Paints, Paneling, Wall cladding, Wallpaper pasting, etc.).

Modern Home Interior Design Ideas

                              Simple kitchen design

As the term itself explained, modern interior design is the latest theme for house interiors. Modern indicates that the designs have minimal furniture and a sleek appearance. Straight Line structure and a fuss-free approach to life. Modern Interior Design focuses on industrial materials and block color. Real Modern interior portrays the essence of clean lines. When you have a simple nature, yet an attractive appearance it’s called real modernism. Modern Interior Designs are rooted in simplicity in every aspect of their designs.  

                              Living room interior design

There are some key factors to understanding the modern interior, such as the reflecting craftsmanship in glass, concrete, and steel. This type of furniture often enjoys its framework and is hence left exposed. Minimal try of hiding the things that compose furniture simply state that they are serving their function, besides the lack of ornamentation and that is what matters the most.

                             Living dining interior design

Modern Art is one of the essential parts of designing. The relationships of prints, unexpected patterns, and sculpture are more often mixed with bold colors for better expression.

In modern interior design, designers focus on meeting the most basic requirements and not the luxurious feel. It believes in authenticity and procures the furniture by meeting the necessity.

                              TV cabinet interior design

Modern Interior Design is often used in the west, and now day’s people in the east also prefer it. It is the most minimalist, eye catchy, and easygoing interior design style present.


Modern society is all about happening places and beautiful infrastructure of various corporate buildings, restaurants, hotels, banquets, and whatnot. There are various kinds of commercial buildings that are the need in today’s modern era. Each type of commercial building requires a unique and exclusive interior to attract its desired audience. For an instance let us take an example of a restaurant one kind of gathering place for people to have a meal and chill out a bit. Restaurant interior should be designed in such a way that it can reflect the cuisine present there and the quality & class of the place. It should be soothing and elegant as well. The color combination lighting and other civil works should be done in accordance with the people we are willing to attract.

Office interior design                                                            

Likewise, restaurants all the other commercial buildings such as community halls, hotels, gyms & yoga centers, parlors & spas, corporate offices, shopping complexes & malls, etc. all have their special requirements and specification to be fulfilled and these expectations take birth to the need of a commercial building interior designer who literally understands each and every specification of commercial interior design services.        

Shopping complex interior design

An Interior designer is someone who is proficient in understanding all the aspects and cores of the designing process. Interior Designing requires thorough thinking and creative techniques to get the desired imagination turned into reality. Interior designers have this tendency to make thing work in accordance with the person’s desire and technicality. For corporate interior design services, you must hire a professional and experienced interior designer who can fulfill all the requirements in a creative manner. You can surely check out our commercial designs and you will get a clear picture of what and who you are looking for.              

Interiordesignwala.com has delivered quality interiors for commercial buildings, reliable, and efficient. You can talk to our experts to know more about commercial interior design. If you really want assistance instantly you can call us at + 91 9990155566 or you can mail your query at care@interiordesignwala.com.

Office Interiors                           

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Decorating your house isn’t termed as interior designing it has a lot to do with every nuke of the house. Interior designing is the process that involves creativity, innovative ideas, the latest technology, and what not. Your house interior, look & feel must reflect the inner beauty of yourself and the nature of the family. Designing your dream house as per your desires and preferences includes the understanding individual personalities of each family member combined as well as individual tastes and wants requirements and expectations.

                                                      Dining area interiors

Interior designing takes multiple brainstorming sessions, setting various aspects, putting every possible outcome altogether, suitability of layout as per requirements, and proper space planning. When we plan each corner of the house, every dimension matters, and furnishing matters and hence we smartly involves the placement of furniture such as table, sofas, chairs, etc. we do consider the dimension of each room and area and give a beautiful shape to the house.  Proper space planning helps in achieving the best possible results for each and every corner.

                                                       False ceiling interior design

Theme selection is one major part of interior designing as it defines the entire look and feel of the house therefore it should be selected very cautiously and creatively based on the taste and preferences of the entire family. Moreover, the theme can determine the impact of your house on your guest it can give an ever-lasting impression and express your personality to the guests. You can select themes for colors, such as beige and brown, black and white, and minimal white interiors. Having the best theme for the interior can be a smart approach and results in an extraordinary interior outcome. You can select the best suitable theme in our portfolio.

Moreover space planning, furniture layout, and correct theme selection for the house, it is also important to represent your idea via various 3d visualization tools, so that you can get a clear picture of your house prior to the construction. 3d representation tools such as v-ray, 3ds max, etc. can be very helpful in terms of visualization of the ideas you have in your mind. You will not be in confusion regarding your house’s look and feel. You can get the best 3d designs here at interiordesignwala.

                                                Small kitchen interior design

Interior designing also needs the details of various dimensions and materials used, hence 2 dimensional supportive drawings are a must for 3d to be executed. A detailed 2d working drawing consists of a good pattern material used details, various codes and brands laminates and colors used, dimensions of various important products used, and proper specification of area. 2d drawings are the backbone of 3d drawings and the only way to execute them.

                                                Small bedroom interior design

These are all the important things which are required to make the interiors bespoken and give a charm to your house. These things are just beyond decorating the house, they are more about creating a space lively for you and your family.

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If you are looking for the best creative interior design service provider in Delhi NCR, who can handle your designing as well as execution part of the interior. We can surely suggest you the best known interior designing company which provides all the services you are looking for whether it is designing or execution.

Designing your dream home must not be a headache for you, hence you need a perfect designing partner who will look after all the minute details of designing such as room interior design, interior design for living room etc. Interiordesignwala.com offers its exclusive customized interior designing services with execution in Delhi NCR. If your site is in this area you can grab the opportunity of having the best service provider here with unmatched interior design ideas. Interiordesignwala.com for designing and execution, or if the site isn’t in Delhi NCR, you can still get benefited by our online interior designing service.

What all things do interiordesignwala.com covers in designing?

We have the faith in our techniques and creativity hence we covers every nuke of the house and beautify it with our unmatched designing skills. We do provide space planning, furniture layout, theme selection, 3d & 2d drawing and the last execution part. We provide our service in various steps for the better results:

Step-1: You can contact via various methods available such as call, WhatsApp and email and we will fix a meeting at your desired location. In the meeting we will discuss your detailed requirements such as area you want us to design, your budget, your taste and preferences etc.

Step-2: Based on the information provided by you in the first meeting we will propose a detailed presentation and cost estimation for overall interior in scope.

Step-3: In this step we will propose first cut space planning and furniture layout of area in scope. We will also finalize a theme of the house at this point of designing.

Step-4: This is the major designing phase and includes 3ds of interior layout finalized. We are also open for amendments if there are any. The 3ds are solely based on theme selected.

Step-5: In this step we design 2d supportive drawing of 3ds for execution purpose.

Step-6: Here starts the execution part, which includes, productions and implementation. We will do all civil works included in the scope, various furniture productions all the other works required in execution.

Step-7: After completion of all the process and doing quality check we will handover you the completed site.

Modern Bedroom Interior design         False ceiling design 

          Premium bedroom interior

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In order to give an ultimate soothing and attractive look to your newly built house, I am sure that you will need a professional interior designer. An Interior designer is someone who is proficient in understanding all the trends in interiors, various concepts of designing as well as execution aspects.

Now, you may have a question, what is the interior designing process? There are two types of interior designing processes, Online Interior Design and Designing with Execution.  Here we will be discussing Online Interior Designing

Online Interior Designing- This is the interior designing process that happens via any online method such as WhatsApp, Mail, Call, Skype, etc. Interiordesignwala.com is also providing an Online Designing process in this we do client interaction and provide drawings via call, mail, or WhatsApp.  

Online interior designs include various steps:

Step 1- In this, we do interact with our clients and discuss their requirements in brief such no of rooms, no of floors, etc. Apart from requirements, we do care about their taste in interior design, preferences family structure, and budget of the interior.

Step 2- This step includes our designing efforts, we do space planning & furniture layout of the area in scope. At the same time, we do finalize the overall theme of the house which decides the look and feel of the house.

Step 3- This is the major designing part, here we make 3-dimensional drawings of 2d furniture layout finalized as per the theme selected. In 3d images, you will be able to get a thorough idea of your interiors.

Step 4- Once our clients get satisfied with our 3d drawing shared, we design 2d support or working drawing so that a contractor gets a brief knowledge of how to design 3d in real.

Step 5- After the finalization of all 3ds & 2d drawings, we will hand over to you all the essential details of your projects including all the drawings in soft copy via mail or WhatsApp.

Step 6- We believe in the highest customer satisfaction hence we provide execution support as well if you get stuck anywhere while executing our designs you can simply call us and have your doubt cleared.

Dining interior design      Drawing room interior design

Dining area interior design       Bedroom interior design        

Hiring an interior designer for your dream home is the best idea cause he/she is aware of the various pros & cons, highs, and lows of designing. He will be guiding you throughout the design completion whether it is basic furniture layout, space planning, theme selection, material selection or 3d concept drawings. Interiordesignwala has a number of these designers, hiring us means you are hiring the best in the market.

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